Thursday, May 8, 2008

The main focus of my final project was

the relationship between a school and its
specifically what resources are
there for the
students besides the general
I interviewed an ESL (English
as a Second
Language) teacher at Mary
McLeod Bethune Academy and also two
teachers at Westside Academy II. I asked
them a series of questions about their
opinion on how important community
involvement is within their school

and whether or not there is already a good
relationship. I also had the ch
ance to talk
with Delores Green, an employee at L.A.N.D
(Lisbon Avenue Neighborhood Development),
about her different service learning projects at
some of the neighboring schools and how they
are giving back to the community through a group
of students and their projects. The information
you see below was gathered durin
g my research
of multiple sources.

(Informational Newsletter for
Parents and Students)

Q: Does your school, that you’re aware of, offer any type of after school or summer program for the students? Are there any requirements for these programs?

A: Westside Academy II offers CLC (Community Learning Center) after school and Summer School. There are no requirements other than signing up and paying a small fee for CLC. (I think it was $20 for the year.) MPS central office attempted to impose requirements for Summer School last year but enrollment numbers were down. This year there are no restrictions and is open to all who sign up. -JaDee Langston-Dolphin (7th gr. Math, West
Side Academy II)

Marion Reiter



Mrs. Yang
ESL teacher @ Mary McLeod
Bethune Academy

Mrs. Yang's ESL students' Social
Studies project. They had to form
a travel brochures of different
countries or states.

Q: How important is the relationship between teachers and students to you in your classroom? Do you feel as if you’ve established a good relationship with your students?

A: The teachers must have a relationship with the students they teach. I establish a relationship with every student that I have. I make sure that a line is drawn between teacher and student. I am a parent, psychologist, doctor and a teacher, but not a friend. -Casey McEvilly (7th gr. Science, Reading, Social Studies;
West Side Academy)

Overseer of all Service Learning Projects
for L.A.N.D:

Delores Green

Two schools that L.A.N.D has
Service Learning Projects currently in:
Urban Waldorf & Ralph Metcaff

Sponsored by:
State Farm Insurance

Purpose of these projects:
To provide information and
resources to the students
about their community and
how they can give back to the
community through their
service learning project.

One thing I will take away from this project
and use towards my future career as a
teacher is the involvement between the
community within my school and classroom.
Giving the students a sense of how much they
can impact their community and not even realize
it is something that should be taught in every
classroom. By giving back to the community what
it has given to the students is a great and important
way to show your appreciation.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lisbon Avenue
Neighborhood Development

37th St. School (old building)

Mount Mary & Bethune Academy
(35th & Galena)

Friends playing basketball.

Washington Park Library
2121 N. Sherman Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 286-3066

"Nothing's too Hard for God"

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